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The ​Dog Mutilated By The 'Bucharest Butcher' Is Coming To The UK

The ​Dog Mutilated By The 'Bucharest Butcher' Is Coming To The UK

There is something very weird going on in the Romanian capital.

A poor German Shepherd called Spirit was brutally attacked. One of her legs was hacked off, her tail snapped, and her teeth knocked out - and she was also sexually abused. Too grim to even think about!

But it's not an isolated incident - unfortunately.


Credit: Tom Ross of GreenWorldTV

On the same street, merely days earlier, three puppies had been attacked, too. One had its head caved in, another had been disembowelled and the other cut in half!

It's completely barbaric and it's shocked people around the world.

Watch sad footage of Spirit here...


TV presenter Anneka Svenska who is working with International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animal told The Daily Mail: "It's important he's caught, he's obviously a psychopath. People who do things like this are dangerous, he's obviously incredibly unstable. To have that in front of you was harrowing, we were all in shock.

"I couldn't believe someone could do that, especially the way she had been sexually violated. It's really important that the Romanian police take this seriously."


Spirit was left in the snow to die, but miraculously, the seven-year-old dog has survived and as soon as she's well enough to travel, she is going to travel to UK where hopefully she'll be safe.

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The woman who found her regularly feeds stray dogs, and thinks that Spirit was left in the snow to warn people not to feed the strays.

Credit: Tom Ross of GreenWorldTV


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It's thought that there could be around 60,000 feral dogs running round Bucharest - which is a huge amount in a city with a population of less than two million. They're left over from when Romania was in the Soviet block and people were forced to move into small accommodation and give up their pets.

Since the '70s, the dogs have been feral, stray and interbreeding into mongrels.

In the cold weather, they are freezing to death in the -20C temperature - and now have to contend with the horrible attentions of the Butcher of Bucharest.

Until 2013, it was illegal to euthanize a stray street dog. But then a four year old boy was fatally mauled and the Stray Dogs Euthanasia Law was passed within weeks - even when it turned out the child was killed by security dogs and not strays.


Credit: Tom Ross of GreenWorldTV

The attitude towards stray dogs in the city is incredibly poor - dogs are attacked and abused on a regular basis.

Hopefully the police will catch this awful monster before they attack another dog.

IAPWA is raising funds to help all the dogs they filmed and saved in Romania and you can donate here.

All donations will help pay for Spirit's vet bills and we hope to bring her to the UK to be rehomed.

Featured Image Credit: Tom Ross of GreenWorldTV​​

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