Mary Tyler Moore Actor Cloris Leachman Has Died

Mary Tyler Moore Actor Cloris Leachman Has Died

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This Alleged Murderer Reckons He Has Proof Bush Did 9/11

This Alleged Murderer Reckons He Has Proof Bush Did 9/11

Is the queen a reptile? Did the CIA film the moon-landing in a TV studio? Was 9/11 an inside job? The answer to all these questions is 'no'.

But that hasn't stopped another lad trying to 'prove' the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers was an inside job.

Step right up Kurt Sonnenfeld...


Kurt after he was arrested for murder (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Kurt, who has been accused of shooting his wife, believes he has proof the attack on the World Trade Center's Twin Towers on September 11 was linked to the George Bush administration.

TheLADbible is unable to confirm whether he legitimately has proof, or if he is an Illuminati shill working to undermine the credibility of the truth movement.


But anyway, here's Kurt's story, so judge for yourself...

Kurt was working for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, which is tied to the US Department of Homeland Security, when 9/11 happened, the Sun has reported.

After the planes crashed into the Twin Towers, he was given unrestricted access to ground zero - the site where the buildings had previously stood.

The 39-year-old was told to film everything he saw using video equipment.


George Bush was president when 9/11 happened (Image Credit: PA Images)

This evidence was supposed to form part of a report about what happened - but he never handed back the footage.

His life then began to unravel, and his wife Nancy was found dead on a couch in the home the pair shared, with a bullet wound to the back of the head.


As police arrived at Kurt's home, they are alleged to have found him drunk and have heard him say: "I can't believe she shot herself".

Police found Nancy in red underwear, she was rushed to hospital but died aged 36.

A cryptic note was discovered in the couple's bedroom.

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WATCH: Does This Footage 'Prove' 9/11 Was A Controlled Demolition?

On it, Nancy had written: "What indeed is finally beautiful except death and love. Kurt, please get help."


The word love had been crossed out, how mysterious.


Conspiracy Theorists Reckon Putin Has Proof Bush Was Behind 9/11

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Kurt was charged with murder and was due to appear in court in June 2002, but the charges were dropped.

However a year and a half later, a judge signed a new warrant for his arrest.

Kurt fled.

And fifteen years later, the now-54-year-old is still on the run in Argentina.

Kurt and Nancy pictured together (Image Credit: Unknown)

The US government wants him back in the country so he can be prosecuted for the murder of his wife, but Kurt says it's really because his video evidence shows the TRUTH.

Kurt could face execution in the state of Colorado if found guilty of Nancy's murder.

But Argentina has refused to extradite him as the country is strictly opposed to the death penalty.

Speaking about what he saw at ground zero, Kurt said: "One thing I'm certain of is that agencies of intelligence of the United States of America knew what was going to happen and at least let it happen.

"Not only did they know it was going to happen, but they in fact collaborated."

He's also said he finds other aspects of the attack dodgy.

"To me, the most suspicious thing of all is what happened to building seven at the World Trade Center," he said.

"This building was not hit by a plane.

"It didn't have any structural damage ... but, amazingly enough, building seven fell in a perfect textbook type implosion, taking only 6.5 seconds for a 47-storey building to fall completely into its own footprint.

"This to me indicates there was absolutely no resistance between the floors when the building collapsed."

So did he kill his wife, or did they frame him because he knows the truth - what do you reckon lads?

Personally I think it's a load of old shite.

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