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Video Shows Worlds Biggest Cyst Being Removed Saving Woman's Life

Video Shows Worlds Biggest Cyst Being Removed Saving Woman's Life

A video has shown how a woman with a cyst weighing the same as ten newborn babies had the five stone tumour, saving her life.

The unnamed 24-year-old, from Mexico, noticed she was gaining weight despite being on a diet, scans then revealed she was suffering from an ovarian cyst which grew ferociously over 11 months.

By the time of surgery it had a density of five stone and put her at risk of heart failure as it crushed her internal organs, meaning she had problems walking, breathing and eating.

Last year, Dr. Erik Hanson Viana at Mexico's General Hospital performed pioneering surgery to remove the cyst - believed to be the biggest-ever removed whole.


Six months on, the patient has regained mobility and returned to a normal life.

Dr. Hanson, from Mexico City, said: "This is the biggest cyst I have operated on, it was so large that it took up 95% of the patient's abdomen. It's really rare to operate on a cyst this big, it measured half a metre in diameter and the circumference was 157 cm.

"From all the research I've found, this is the largest ovarian cyst ever to be removed whole without draining it first or spilling it.


"The largest in history weighed 320lb back in 1902, and took several days to drain, I can't even imagine one that large."

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He added: "The patient was quite overweight, so after starting on a diet, she noticed her face, arms and legs were getting thinner but her stomach was getting bigger.


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"When I met her, she could just about walk a couple of steps before getting agitated and feeling like she was struggling to breathe because the cyst was crushing her lungs."

The patient was referred to Mexico General Hospital as a last resort due to the concerning size of the cyst and complicated surgery needed to remove it.

Watch footage of the cyst's removal here...


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Very difficult to watch.

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