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Australian Journalists Come Under Fire From IS Whilst Reporting In Iraq

Australian Journalists Come Under Fire From IS Whilst Reporting In Iraq

Military forces in Iraq are currently undertaking an operation to reclaim the city of Mosul, IS's last remaining urban stronghold in the country.

The conflict has caused thousands of people to flee and it is feared that tens of thousands have been taken hostage by the jihadists to be used as human shields.

Footage has now emerged of an Australian 9NEWS reporter, Mark Burrows, and his cameraman, Adam Bovino, coming under intense machine gun fire while filming with a unit of Iraqi soldiers advancing on the city.



Credit: 9NEWS

The pair were reporting for a news segment when Islamic State militants began firing at them. Luckily neither of the members of the media were injured after hiding behind a wall.

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Burrows said the military unit he was travelling with had "ventured down the road to Mosul" and were approximately six kilometres from the city when militants attacked.


"We were at an Iraqi post. We thought it was safe but within just a couple of minutes IS militants opened fire," Burrows said.

"The Iraqi soldiers responded with rocket-propelled grenades and heavy-calibre machine guns.

"It was supposed to be pretty secure in that area but there are still pockets of militants slowing up the progress of forces towards Mosul."

Iraqi forces have now halted their advance on the city, which they lost control of in the summer of 2014.


Featured Image Credit: 9NEWS

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