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Woman Has Perfect Response To Man Bitter She Beat Him To A Promotion

Woman Has Perfect Response To Man Bitter She Beat Him To A Promotion

She shared a photo of a text message exchange to Twitter.

James Dawson

James Dawson

A woman had the perfect response to sexist and discriminatory behaviour from a male co-worker who thought he was entitled to a promotion over her.

Azita Rahman, a pre-med and sociology student at the University of California, Riverside, shared a photo of a text message exchange with the guy.

The sexist bloke messaged Azita saying: "No offense but you really don't deserve that promotion [sic]

"I work my ass off and I bring her [The big boss?] coffee every day... you're too emotional in your decision making.

"I'm not sexist but this position really is better suited for a man. Men are better with numbers, we make better accountants. You'd be a lot more successful as a secretary.

"Don't get offended I'm just being honest.

"Hope you don't take it the wrong way."

However, rightly, she did get offended - and then she offered him a response that there was no coming back from.

She replied: "See the difference between you and me in the work place is that while you're spending all you're time sitting on your white ass, texting me shit like this, acting like you're entitled to everything in the world and waiving off hard work just because you're a man - I'm **surprise** actually working hard and getting 'your' promotions.

"You can say whatever you want but at the end of the day, our male boss used your so-called superior male decision making skills to

"Not you. I'm sorry your genital and skin colour didn't workout in your favour this time, Maybe next promotion! Until then, your analysis report is due tomorrow."


Fellow Twitter users have praised her for how she responded to the message.

It's yet to be confirmed whether the co-worker kept his job.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Azita Rahman

Topics: sexism, Racism

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