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You Can Live In This Amazing Apartment In New York For $1 A Month

You Can Live In This Amazing Apartment In New York For $1 A Month

There's a catch, obviously.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Would you like to live in this shit hot apartment in New York for just $1 a month? Are you willing to live with someone who at best is a bit of an annoying dick and at worst is a full-blown fucking weirdo who will watch you sleep?

Yes and yes? Well... good, you're in luck, because this man is offering to share his $8 million, 3,400 square foot, three-bedroom loft on Bleecker Street for $1 a month. As well as being awesome inside, it's also got a massive roof terrace with views of the Manhattan skyline.


And all of this could be yours if you're willing to live with Rupert Hunt, who is looking for not one but two lucky housemates (safety in numbers, too, so that's good).

Rupert has done this before. He's previously rented out his £3 million London house for a quid a month, so this is just the sort of crazy bastard Ruppie is. I call him Ruppie, seeing as I'm going to be living with him shortly.

He's taken an ad out on where he's wrote in detail about the kind of housemate he's looking for.

Let's have a look at that, eh? See if he'll have me.

Firstly, you need to be laid back but passionate about something. Presumably laid back about living with an odd-ball and passionate about keeping rent to a minimum. Cool, that's one down.

Here's my new housemate Rupert, chilling. Credit:

You'll need to be excited to explore New York. Rupert would like it if at least one of the flatmates was new to the city so you can explore together. See, you're not just renting a room, you're renting a best mate. Given that I'm from the UK I can safely tick that box, too.

Naturally, he wants someone who loves living with flatmates and I can honestly say I've only ever punched one housemate one time. Another tick. Time to start packing, I think.

It's also important that his new flatmate has a dream. Well, I have a dream. It's more of a nightmare, actually. I move to the US to live with a complete stranger I met off the Internet and he butchers me horribly. Booking the flights. See you soon, Rupert.

If you'd like to live with me and Rupert, you can reply to his ad here.

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