Pizza Hut Has Bought Robot Waiters And The Future Is Terrifying

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Pizza Hut Has Bought Robot Waiters And The Future Is Terrifying

In a move that is sure to anger waiters and waitresses across the globe, Pizza Hut has recruited a whole load of robots to do their job.

The restaurant chain has teamed up with MasterCard to develop a new app that will be used by a robot called 'Pepper'.

Pepper was made by Japanese technology firm, SoftBank. This company has already worked with Nestlé to sell coffee machines via the walking, talking robot. It can read and respond to human facial expressions, gestures a tone of voice. The company seems to think that it allowe customers to communicate with it "just like they would with friends and family".

Hmm, maybe not. This thing is creepy as hell.


Look -




Anyway. I'm sure this is great as it's really futuristic and forward thinking and whatever but there's something really weird about it all.


Anyway, the robots will be working as waiters in some of their restaurants in Asia by the end of this year..

Vipul Chawla, managing director of Pizza Hut Restaurants Asia, said: "We are excited to welcome Pepper to the Pizza Hut family.

"Core to our digital transformation journey is the ability to make it easier for customers to engage, connect and transact with Pizza Hut.

"With an order-and-payment-enabled Pepper, customers can now come to expect personalised ordering at our stores, reduce wait time for takeaways, and have a fun, frictionless user experience."


Only time will tell.

Words by Mel Ramsay

Featured image credit: Mastercard/YouTube

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