WhatsApp Has Ruined Massive Group Chats With The Most Recent Update

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WhatsApp Has Ruined Massive Group Chats With The Most Recent Update

WhatsApp has ruined all future group chats with a latest update.

Basically, you are now able to tag people in comments. So, say you're away from your phone for, let's say, 30 minutes and your muted chat goes off? You come back to your phone and scroll up to read exactly what's been going on? Well, now, if people want, they can be like @Joe Bloggs. And every. damn. time... You'll get a notification.

Yes, even if it's muted.

Yes, every time.


According to the Independent, the only way to turn it off seems to be by either leaving the group entirely or by turning off notifications from the app.

It all seems to stem from the fact that WhatsApp is encouraging users to get into EVEN BIGGER chats.

They recently increased the number of maximum participants in a group from 100 to 256. So clearly, if you've got 256 members in a group, things are going to get hectic.


If you're wondering why exactly they chose 256 as maximum number (it seems awfully specific, right?!) it's due to the number being particularly important in computing. Basically, it refers to the number of variations that can be represented by eight switches that have two positions - eight bits, or a byte.

So there you have it, prepare for your notifications

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