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'Apex Legends' Is Bringing Back The Game's Original Map, With One Catch

'Apex Legends' Is Bringing Back The Game's Original Map, With One Catch

Respawn Entertainment has announced that it's bringing bringing back the Apex Legends map that started it all. Kings Canyon was, as I'm sure you remember, the large arena that launched with the popular free-to-play battle royale last year, and was doubt a vital component in the game's initial runaway success.

In celebration of the game's first anniversary, Respawn has announced that Kings Canyon is coming out of retirement and will be available in its original, unaltered state. In other words, it's the Kings Canyon that we remember from launch, and not the altered version of the map from Season 2 after a load of giant monsters wrecked the place. The only real catch is that it's only back for a very limited time.

Respawn will make Kings Canyon available as part of a playlist in Apex Legends staring today (February 21st). You'll only have the weekend to reunite with this old friend, unfortunately. The map will be gone again on Monday, February 24th. You'd best make every match count then, yeah?


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Kings Canyon first left Apex Legends when it was removed to make way for Season 3's World's Edge map. While World's Edge remains the "main" map in Season 4 (with some notable changes made to keep things fresh). Kings Canyon has returned for a few events in the past - both at Halloween last year and an event last month - but both cases saw a modified version of the map featured.

As previously mentioned, this will be the first time since launch that the original-flavour Kings Canyon has returned to the game, which will no doubt be incredibly exciting for those that have stuck with Apex Legends since the beginning.

Some fans are speculating that the limited-time return of Kings Canyon could be a way of Respawn testing the waters to see how well matchmaking works with two maps in the playlist, but this would more than likely split the playerbase more than the studio would like. If Kings Canyon were to return as a permanent fixture, it would likely be at the expense of World's Edge... and even then, I reckon we're more likely to see a new map in a future season, rather than an older one return.

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