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​Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII Has Over A Dozen Maps On Launch

​Call Of Duty: Black Ops IIII Has Over A Dozen Maps On Launch

Treyarch has seemingly confirmed every multiplayer map coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII on launch, and then some.

An impressive roster of 14 online maps, including both original locations and modern remakes, are set to be accessed from day one, with one more coming next month.


Thanks to a recent BETA, COD fans already knew a number of Black Ops IIII multiplayer maps, although this is the first time the full lineup has been revealed.

Credit: Treyarch/Activision
Credit: Treyarch/Activision

The official Treyarch Twitter account retweeted an article from Charlie Intel, which lists the multiplayer maps. Surely that means they're right? Let's hops so.

On launch, the original maps coming to Black Ops IIII are:



With the four remakes being:

Firing Range

As said, Treyarch will even give players one extra map in November - the one and only Nuketown - bringing the grand total of multiplayer maps to 15.

This will be music to the ears of many COD fans, as in the past players have been underwhelmed with the amount of multiplayer locations.

There's either not enough or they aren't as they'd expected, but with the exclusion of a single-player campaign, and the introduction of battle royale Blackout, it looks like Treyarch's focus has shifted to perfecting online gameplay.

Credit: Activision/Treyarch
Credit: Activision/Treyarch

What do you think about these maps? Which remake are you looking forward to see? What map was your favourite during the BETA? Will Blackout be any good? Let us know.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII is set to launch on 12 October for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Activision/Treyarch

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