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'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Player Fakes Death To Get Jump On Unsuspecting Enemy

'Call Of Duty: Warzone' Player Fakes Death To Get Jump On Unsuspecting Enemy

In a move that future historians will no doubt describe as "baller af", one gallant Call Of Duty: Warzone player managed to get the drop on another by... playing dead. I know, I can't quite believe something like that actually worked either, but fortune favours the brave.

Reddit user Lambeauleap80 tricked his opponent by dropping all of his items and weapons, as would happen upon death in Warzone. He also went prone, lying down on the floor surrounded by all his gear, and waited patiently for the enemy he'd just lured by throwing a knife. Sure enough, the unlucky victim took the bait, following the hero of our story into a small room, where he discovered the body/trap lying in wait.

Lambeauleap80 watched quietly from the floor as his mark began rifling through his dropped gear, clearly thinking nothing of the body at their feet. Once the enemy was lulled into a false sense of security, Lambeauleap80 slashed his combat knife at the rival player. Using the confusion to his advantage, he jumped to his feet and proceeded to beat his enemy to death. The player's final words? A genuinely shocked exclamation of; "HE WASN'T DEAD!"


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"I couldn't stop laughing at this death chat reaction after faking my death actually worked," Lambeauleap80 later said in a post as he recounted his incredible kill.

The high-risk, high-reward tactic was met with a ton of praise from fellow Warzone players over on Reddit. Many hailed it as one of the highest-IQ plays they've seen in the game since it launched earlier this year, while others likened the patience and bravery of Lambeauleap80 to that of a Jedi Knight. A worthy comparison, in my humble opinion.

"Gonna shoot every dead body from now on," one user said in response to the video - a post that would be incredibly chilling if it were even taken out of context.

Others agreed that the video of the trick, which quickly blew up on Reddit, would likely have ramifications for Warzone going forward. it's almost a certainty that more players are going to try to play dead to get the jump on their enemies now, so make sure you're staying extra frosty next time you decide to drop in Verdansk.

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