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​'God Of War': New Game Plus Mode, New Details And Release Date Confirmed

​'God Of War': New Game Plus Mode, New Details And Release Date Confirmed

It wasn't long ago when Sony announced that God of War would be getting a New Game Plus Mode, and the company has now revealed new details regarding the upcoming feature.

On, Santa Monica Studios confirmed that the new mode 'will be available as a free patch update on August 20', which just happens to be God of War's four month anniversary - what a way to celebrate!


However, it was made clear that to get New Game Plus access, you'll need to "complete the story campaign of God of War on any difficulty. If you already did, New Game+ will be ready and waiting for you on August 20 once you've patched."

But what exactly is this new mode? Well, it pretty much allows you to replay the game - while keeping all your gear - but it will be way more difficult than what you played first time around.

"With New Game+ comes along a host of new gear, more difficult enemies, and cinematic skipping!" Santa Monica said. "This is easily our biggest update to God of War."


Here's a list of everything you can do:

  • Relive the journey of Kratos and Atreus with all of your previous armours, enchantments, talismans, resources and abilities on the difficulty of your choosing.
  • Test your skills against higher level enemies, some of which might even have a few new tricks up their sleeves!
  • Unique to New Game+ is a brand new rarity level of equipment to craft and upgrade! Collect 'Skap Slag', a new resource to upgrade your gear to the best of the best from the 'finest blacksmiths'.
  • Play the game in a whole new way by exploring new customisation options with extremely powerful new armour sets and enchantments.
  • Finally, get right back into the action with the newly added ability to skip through cinematics in both normal and New Game+ modes once a full play through has been completed.

The post finished with Sony saying it's excited to see who finishes the new game mode first - "That's a feat!" Could there be a reward? Who knows, but it would be pretty cool if there was...

There's no other way of describing God of War's success than saying the game has absolutely smashed it. It sold 3.1 million copies in just three days - earning $131 million in one month - and has pushed Sony's sales revenue through the roof. Game of the Year? We wouldn't be surprised.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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