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'Days Gone' And 'Crash Team Racing' Feature On PlayStation's State Of Play Stream

'Days Gone' And 'Crash Team Racing' Feature On PlayStation's State Of Play Stream

Tonight saw PlayStation stream its first State of Play presentation, a new Nintendo Direct-like series showing off new games coming to the console. With not all that many big exclusives on the slate for the PS4, we're starting to look ahead to a possible PS5, but this was an opportunity for Sony to announce a load of new games to look forward to this generation.

State of Play made it clear, from the off, that Sony has a lot of VR on the cards. Which is to be expected - it needs to show that it hasn't forgotten all the people who adopted its headset.


The very first game shown was a VR announcement: Iron Man VR is coming out this year. Slip into the red and gold suit and take to the skies to smack the bejesus out of bad guys. It's looking good, albeit in a "not gameplay footage"-packed preview - check out the trailer below.

Everyone loves Crash Team Racing, right? Right? Okay, I'll admit it had its moments, and I'll definitely give this a play with a few friends. The main gain of this remake is that the draw distances should actually be halfway decent in four-player. It was shocking in the original. The remake is out on June 21, and got a new trailer as part of State of Play.

Next came No Man's Sky and its multiplayer update, 'BEYOND'. Announced last week, this is going to be the game's biggest update yet. And it's also VR compatible on PS4. Could be fun, but it's not *wildly* exciting this far on from the game's initial release.


Robot Entertainment? These are the fine folk behind the excellent Orcs Must Die. And the Texan studio's new game is a four-player co-op dungeon crawler called ReadySet Heroes. And it comes with a twist - you're also playing against another team, racing through the same dungeon, and you face off against each other once both have finished. That could be cool, and frankly everything from Robot has been excellent so far.

Another PlayStation VR title, Blood & Truth, sees you play a hard man from Laaahhhndan: Ryan Marks, an ex-SAS soldier with two first names. Looks like it could be a laugh.

More VR followed, thick and fast: Jupiter and Mars, Falcon Age, Trover Saves the Universe, Everybody's Golf, Table of Tales, Vacation Simulator. PlayStation is clearly going big on VR this year - and a trailer for a VR version of Five Nights at Freddy's got the stream chat excited. It's out later this spring.

Observation - the new game from No Code, makers of Stories Untold - received the kind of trailer that can't fail to pique interest. It's a game where you play the AI in a space station, trying to help an astronaut through a crisis. Frankly, it looks great. Like you're HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey - only, hopefully, not evil. It's out on May 21 and GAMINGbible will have more to say about it fairly soon.

Concrete Genie, a game first shown at Paris Games Week in 2017, sees your character drawing friends and monsters onto walls, and then they come to life to protect them from a cast of bullies. It's a really charming-looking game, with a mix of animation styles, where you turn a gloomy town into a neon-tinged graffiti dream. It's going to be out later this year, in "fall 2019". Autumn, to the rest of us.

Days Gone also got a new trailer. This is one of Sony's few major exclusives definitely slated for release during this console generation. It's due out next month and it looks fine. The new footage shows off some of its story scenes - humans turning on each other ahead of the zombie (sorry, "freaker") horde, hints of your quest for a purpose after the death of your character's wife, and a splash of good ol' fashioned zombie killing. We also saw how these "freakers" can be used to your advantage, directed towards other enemies to overwhelm them.

Mortal Kombat got a new, funny-bone-tickling story trailer. It looks like quite an involved affair. If you like Mortal Kombat, I imagine this is the sort of thing to get your giblets vibrating. The game's out on April 23, and you'll be seeing more of it on GAMINGbible later this week.

And that was a wrap on the first State of Play. Quite a gentle affair for the inaugural stream. No major announcements, and a lot of bitesize bits on games we already knew about. However, PlayStation VR owners had a lot to enjoy - Sony is planning on supporting that piece of kit heavily in the coming year.

However, many viewers will have been disappointed in the lack of any updates on Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Dreams. Though, Sony could well be holding those back for another State of Play around E3. It's not been announced when the next one will be shown but... c'mon. It'll be around E3, surely.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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