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'Fall Guys' Terrifying Big Yeetus Update Promises To Shake The Game Up

'Fall Guys' Terrifying Big Yeetus Update Promises To Shake The Game Up

As if Fall Guys wasn't already unpredictable enough, developer Mediatonic has announced that it will be shaking things up even further in the next update. It's not entirely clear when it's coming, but Big Yeetus is very much on its way to mess with us all.

"What exactly is Big Yeetus?", you might ask. According to the ever-excellent Fall Guys Twitter account, Big Yeetus is a randomly spawning hammer that can appear during any round to completely change the direction of a game. Perhaps Big Yeetus will send you soaring towards the finish line. Or maybe it will smash you backwards, causing you to lose the entire game. All we really know is that Big Yeetus is an agent of chaos, and we can't yet predict its movements.

This is an excellent idea on the part of Mediatonic, especially since we're at the point now where most of us are so familiar with the flow of each obstacle course in Fall Guys that navigating them has become second nature. Bring in a giant hammer to keep us afraid, I say. Hell, go further and make more random changes to levels that completely level the playing field.

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One of my favourite things about Fall Guys is that anyone has a chance to get the crown due the game's entirely chaotic nature. But as with any battle royale, the more people play, the more of an advantage they'll start to develop. Continuing to throw in bananas and completely unexpected updates like giant hammers is a fantastic way to keep that unpredictable energy and ensure that none of us can ever really have the upper hand.

Mediatonic is currently working on Season 2 of Fall Guys, which boasts an adorable medieval theme and arrives in October. I'd imagine that Big Yeetus is coming ahead of the Season 2 update, so we'll be sure to update you as soon as the hammer drops. Stay frosty out there - Big Yeetus is watching.

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