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'Fall Guys' Easter Egg Hurls Player Into Abyss Of Dead Jellybeans

'Fall Guys' Easter Egg Hurls Player Into Abyss Of Dead Jellybeans

When I first heard that Fall Guys had a secret Easter egg, my immediate assumption was that it'd be something cool and fun. After all, Mediatonic's battle royale is a bright and colourful rainbow slide of a game, so any secrets buried within it were bound to be adorable... right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

As it turns out, Fall Guys first major Easter egg is a disturbing monument to death. A jellybean-flavoured reminder of our own mortality, and the impending, inevitable march of the Reaper. The day that dreaded scythe taps upon my chamber door is coming, and Fall Guys has reminded me of that fact.

Over on Twitter, it was PrinxessTi who stumbled across this unusual secret (thanks, PC Gamer). Sharing two screenshots of her jellybean avatar surrounded by what looked like dead players, they apologised to the official Fall Guys Twitter account for breaking their game.


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As you can see from the images above, PrinxessTi ended up spawning into a game as normal, just without any other human competitors. Instead, she found herself surrounded by the eerily still bodies of dozens of jellybeans decked out in a special red and green Mediatonic skin. Wile this is the kind of thing that could inspire some seriously scary Creepypastas, the Fall Guys Twitter was quick to step in with an official explanation.

It turns out that Mediatonic purposefully put this secret in the game as a sly shout-out to themselves. Apparently there's a "very low probability" of anyone ever spawning into this corpse-strewn abyss, so maybe don't bank on seeing it for yourself anytime soon - if at all.

While it's reassuring to get a relatively reasonable explanation, it does rather beg the question: what other intensely creepy secrets did Mediatonic decide to sneak into Fall Guys? I'm almost too scared to find out... but I have a feeling we're going to sooner or later.

Featured Image Credit: Mediatonic

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