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‘Final Fantasy 16’ Revealed As PlayStation 5 Console Exclusive, Looks Very Final Fantasy

‘Final Fantasy 16’ Revealed As PlayStation 5 Console Exclusive, Looks Very Final Fantasy

The first game revealed during Sony's showcase stream for the PlayStation 5 wasn't actually a PlayStation exclusive, and was even shown off using PC capture meant to "emulate" the PS5 experience. But what it certainly was, readers, was a whole load of Final Fantasy fantasticness.

Yep, it's official: Final Fantasy XVI (16) exists, and it'll be coming out for PC and PlayStation 5, for certain, somewhen. The last 'new' numbered Final Fantasy game, XV, came out in 2016 - but since then we've also had Final Fantasy VII: Remake, the second part of which is also in development right now.

The trailer, which you can see below, gives us your usual healthy dose of magic and mystery, and just a little murder. There are huge, summon-scale creatures (Icons, maybe), loads of chat about crystals, and chocobos being ridden into battle. Y'know, I think I just got sold on this one.

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In terms of how the game plays, it seems like Final Fantasy XVI will take an action-orientated approach to battles, with real-time hacking and slashing, casting and dodging, in a manner that looks comparable to both XV and Remake. A key character would appear to be Joshua, the son of an Archduke - and he sure gets a little hot under the collar at one point of the reveal. Toasty.

Whatever the Mother Crystal is, it's a big deal in this game - so probably full of world-changing power that can be used for good or evil. You know the drill. Looks good! But it does look like it's only coming to PlayStation 5, not PlayStation 4, despite its visuals seeming to be very rooted in the current generation of hardware.

That said, the small print says that the game will not be available on other platforms for a "limited time" after Final Fantasy XVI's PS5 release. So, who knows. Maybe it's a cross-gen game pretending to be just a next-gen one, and will come to Xbox eventually - we'll have to wait and see.

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