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Gaming Comedy Show ‘The Dark Room’ Announces 48-Hour Charity Stream

Gaming Comedy Show ‘The Dark Room’ Announces 48-Hour Charity Stream

The Dark Room - an experience probably best described as a live-action video game in which you're terrified by a loud man in, you guessed it, a dark room - has announced a 48-hour, non-stop live-stream to raise essential funds for the British NHS and mental health charity Mind. Because heavens, places like that need all the help they can get right now, what with the world at the moment.

The game's creator, Australian comedian and presenter (of, among other things, the relatively recent gaming TV show Videogame Nation) John Robertson, will stream the full thing on Twitch. It kicks off at 7pm BST on Friday April 10 and will end at - yep, you guessed right again - Sunday April 12 at 7pm.

As you can see in the embedded tweet from Robertson himself, he won't be playing alone - I mean, how can you? Have you seen The Dark Room? (If not, please, click here, or watch the video below and then return to these words.) It's a choose-your-own-adventure, live-action text-adventure sort of thing - "hard and good, like your mother likes it," according to its creator. It's great. You should totally watch it.


Sorry, where were we? Ah, yes. John's not on his tod, that'd be weird, and would make the game pretty impossible to play. Oh no. Joining him - remotely, of course - will be a crew of streamers and YouTubers, including Stuart Ashen (@ashens), Kim Richards aka Yogscast Kim (@nanosounds), @ragedarling and @DAGamesOfficial. Those are some people with a lot of followers, huh. Even I've heard of them, and I'm ancient.

You can find Robertson on Twitch here, and do please swing by during The Dark Room's epic stream (which starts on April 10 at 7pm, in case you missed it, just up there), because I can guarantee chuckles... and maybe a few screams. There will also be swears, probably, just so you know - so maybe keep the kids away from this one. Donation links, below:

NHS: here!
Mind: here!


Enjoy, and if you can give a little, that's great.

Featured Image Credit: The Dark Room, John Robertson

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