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Henry Cavill Seductively Built A Gaming PC, And The Internet Lost Its Mind

Henry Cavill Seductively Built A Gaming PC, And The Internet Lost Its Mind

The internet loves Henry Cavill. We already knew this. The star of Man Of Steel and Netflix's The Witcher is quite possibly one of the most perfect-looking human beings on the planet, but he also manages to disarm and charm everyone he meets by being both genuinely nice, and a massive nerd.

Cavill has spoken at length in the past about his love of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Warhammer, and his favourite gaming platform - PC. It absolutely shouldn't be surprising that someone who looks the way Cavill does is so passionate about these things, but... it kind of is. I blame society for that.

Anyway, it's clear Cavill knows how we feel about him. It can't have escaped his attention that he's a beautiful man with a beautiful soul. That's why he's given us all the gift of what I can only describe as tech-based erotica... in the form of him building a gaming PC from scratch while Barry White plays seductively in the background.

You might want to sit down for this.


"This kind of material isn't for everyone," Cavill rightly warned his fans on Instagram. "Viewer discretion is advised. You may see a lot of parts that you haven't seen before."

Predictably, the video swiftly blew up on pretty much every social media platform out there. I think there are probably even a few people lusting after Cavill on Myspace as we speak. In fact, the vast majority of my Twitter feed for most of last night was basically dominated by Cavill thirst. But I get it.


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Purists may scoff at the way Cavill got a few things wrong during the build, but he acknowledges all his mistakes and goes back to fix them later on. Isn't that what building a PC is all about? Learning. Learning, and looking like an Adonis with rippling muscles while you're doing it.

Featured Image Credit: Henry Cavill/Instagram

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