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‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Can Be Rock Hard, If You’re Goofy Enough For It

‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Can Be Rock Hard, If You’re Goofy Enough For It

Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3 has its fans - I know this, because I am a) on Twitter, so I see people talking about it frequently; and b) I have eyes, and just this morning a bus went past with an advert for the game on its side, proudly declaring it a 10/10 success (according to the Gamereactor review, anyway). Its sales haven't been shabby, either, with the game shipping over five million copies in a matter of days. Result!

Personally, I've not bought into it. I played a few worlds, swung a few keyblades, and felt nothing. Hell, it happens. We can't all like everything. But there is a whole bunch of you out there that aren't just fans of Kingdom Hearts 3, but want to get more and more out of it, after completion. Perhaps that means looking out for promised updates, or popping it on Proud difficulty - the toughest challenge the game can offer.

Or, is it?


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According to the PlayStation Trophies website (and other sources, all of whom link to the same Twitter account), an even-more-nails way to play Kingdom Hearts 3 has been uncovered. They cite Twitter user "Keytotruth", who has apparently discovered a secret, extra-hard setting in the game's files: Critical mode.

When active, Critical mode drops the player's HP and MP limits significantly, while enemies dish out even more damage than seen in Proud mode. Keytotruth - probably not their real name - posted a comparison picture of the modes, highlighting the changes (look to the bottom right of each screen).

Sounds... testing. Perhaps even more so than the game's flippin' storyline, because bloody hell. Anyway, we've established that KH3 isn't a game for me - but maybe you adore it? If so, does the prospect of Critical mode - something that Square Enix is yet to confirm, but we do know updates are due soon - fill you with excitement? Or have you mashed that X button enough for one game? Let us know - we're on Twitter and Facebook.

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