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​Man Trashes GameStop Store Because He Can't Return 'Fallout 76'

​Man Trashes GameStop Store Because He Can't Return 'Fallout 76'

Following an initial BETA phase, Bethesda's Fallout 76 released last week for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but a number of players haven't been happy with the final product.

We recently gave our first impressions on the online RPG (which weren't all that bad) and reported on the 'review bomb' stage it experienced - but the disappointment felt by those leaving 1/10 scores is nothing compared to how this man feels.

A YouTube video, posted on Reset Era, shows a GameStop store completely trashed thanks to a customer who reportedly flew into a destructive rage when trying to return Fallout 76.


The post says that he "bought Fallout 76, didn't like it and tried to return it" to the GameStop store off New Bern Avenue, Raleigh.

Of course, this is just the aftermath, but a second video has been posted on Twitter showing the incident taking place [via VG247].

You can hear conversation between a sales assistant and the man in question, with Fallout 76 getting a mention, before he proceeds to leave the store - but not without throwing a massive hissy fit, chucking stalls, stands, and whatever else is around.

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Maybe he should've checked GameStop's return policy before spending his money. Or, you know, played the BETA, watched some YouTube videos, or read some articles about the game.

No, Fallout 76 might not be the game we all anticipated - hell, some never thought it would work - but is this any way to act? Someone lock him in a vault for five minutes, until he cools down.

Although we shouldn't laugh at things like this, the guy rocking the blue shirt who walks in at the end is brilliant. His face screams, "The f*ck did I just walk into?" Hopefully he wasn't about to buy Fallout 76. If so, I bet this was enough to change his mind.


What do you think about these videos? Have you ever felt this angry about a game? Do you like Fallout 76? Make sure you let us know.

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