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Microsoft Throws Shade At Sony Over PS5 Pre-Order Chaos


Microsoft Throws Shade At Sony Over PS5 Pre-Order Chaos

While the console wars are mostly over these days (or so we like to think) that doesn't mean Microsoft and Sony aren't above throwing the occasional jab at one another... especially when that jab is entirely and utterly well-deserved.

If you have any interest in bagging a PlayStation 5 in time for launch, odds are you've already seen the absolute chaos that has been Sony's approach to pre-orders. Rather than giving everybody plenty of notice, as the company had originally promised to do, global PS5 pre-orders went live without any warning late last night, roughly one hour after we knew how much the damn console even cost.

Xbox / Credit: Microsoft
Xbox / Credit: Microsoft

Here in the UK, this morning has been a mess of confused customers and out of stock messages, with the PS5 selling out at select retailers in a matter of minutes. That all of this happened without a good chunk of customers even having a fighting chance to get their hands on one doesn't seem to have gone down brilliantly.


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PlayStation 5, Xbox Pre-Order Bundles Available From Online Retailer Later Today

And so it is that Microsoft took aim at Sony in a recent tweet. Last week Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will launch on November 10th, with pre-orders going live on September 22nd. In a clear reference to Sony's confusing shenanigans, Microsoft assured fans that they'll let us know the exact time pre-orders kick off. That's what we like to hear.


Don't Take Next-Gen Console Pre-Order Confusion Out On Retail Staff

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It's just a bit of fun on Microsoft's end of course, and nobody is trying to start another boring console war. I really do think we're all past that in 2020 - or at least we should be. With that said, if one company wants to call out the other every now and again for dumb mistakes or odd marketing moves, I'm fully here for that. How else are they going to keep each other on their toes?

The PlayStation 5 launches in the UK November 19th, just over one week after the Xbox Series X/S. PS5 pre-order chaos aside, I'm genuinely excited for both consoles, and all the great games coming to them. Now, bring on the next generation of gaming.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Microsoft

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