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'Modern Warfare' Player Destroys Enemies Using A Piano As A Controller

'Modern Warfare' Player Destroys Enemies Using A Piano As A Controller

When someone says they play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on a keyboard, we naturally think of a keyboard and mouse right? Perhaps Twitch stream DeanoBeano didn't get the memo, as he has achieved some amazing kills by using a piano as a controller instead.

In the stunning clip he posted to Reddit, the streamer shows himself furiously pressing the keys of an electric keyboard to shoot and kill several adversaries on the battlefield. We're talking four shots, four kills, cleaner than many people can achieve playing with a normal controller.

First, he uses a sniper rifle to take down three advancing enemies who line up pretty perfectly for some clean shots. Then we have a sliding shotgun kill where the adversary doesn't stand a chance when they come round the corner. You can see the excitement on DeanoBeano's face as he pulls off these kills.


From what we can gather, he has coded the keyboard to incrementally move the sights up, down, left, and right to aim. Controls to move his character seem a little more natural as he presses those keys much like you'd use WASD.

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A little digging into DeanoBeano's posts on Reddit reveals this isn't the first time the streamer has used an instrument to play CoD. Not so long ago he hooked up a drumset to Modern Warfare to beat (get it) players. Drum roll, please.

In this case, he's used the cymbal to shoot which feels very appropriate to accent every headshot he gets. The only time we think we saw Deano more pleased with himself is when he won a gulag match using the same drumset.


Now we're just wondering how good he is at the game when using a real controller rather than musical instruments. Perhaps the instruments give him an advantage - quick, someone call Treyarch and ask how they feel about a Guitar Hero cross-over.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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