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'​Pokémon: Let's Go' Footage Proves Venusaur Is A Giant Frog With Long, Freaky Legs

'​Pokémon: Let's Go' Footage Proves Venusaur Is A Giant Frog With Long, Freaky Legs

Venusaur has been in the Pokémon universe for a very long time - since Red and Blue in fact, - but have you ever seen one move like this?

Thanks to some brand new footage for the upcoming video game series Pokémon: Let's Go, we now know the creature is just a big frog that loves to jump from place to place - and pretty quickly, too!


We'd have expected it to trudge along, step by step, due to its large stature, but that's obviously not the case!

It gets really freaky when you slow down the video, however. From behind, you can see just how long its legs actually are, and that's why the Internet has gone a bit loopy about it all.


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Worryingly, the Pokémon's legs have always been like this, and when you properly look at a Venusaur it's pretty clear to see its design is inspired by the Argentine horned frog. Who knew? Thanks, Google.

It just makes you wonder what other creatures we'll be surprised by when the game is released this year, but let's hope they're more pleasant than this!

What do you think about this discovery? Are you shocked or freaked out, or did you already know this is what Venusaur was like? Let us know.

Both Let's Go, Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee will be released on 16 November this year, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: The Pokémon Company

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