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​*Some* Reviews Are In For 'Kingdom Hearts 3', But It's A Good Start

​*Some* Reviews Are In For 'Kingdom Hearts 3', But It's A Good Start

Though you and I may have to wait until 29 January to play Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix's Disney universes mash-up launched today (25 January) in Japan.

And with its release out the way, the game's review embargo has lifted - but not everyone has been able to publish their opinions on the much-anticipated RPG. Multiple publications have noted how they'd not received sent codes, and as a result they've had no reviews to run.


And I can't give you *my* take on the game, as GAMINGbible is very much in the camp of We Didn't Get Code Yet Either (solidarity, Eurogamer, VG247 and the rest of you). But let's not dwell on the negatives. The reviews that are currently available mostly paint Kingdom Hearts III in a positive light. So until the rest of us get our hands on the game, let's use them as a way to get that excitement building.

IGN - 8.7/10

"While the storytelling could use some punching up, Square has done a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of these worlds while giving us a massive toolbox for battles and exploration."

GameSpot - 8/10


"Kingdom Hearts III is preoccupied with fan service to a fault, and it also struggles to stay coherent under the weight of its own convoluted lore. But it's also everything fans love about the series: a thrilling action-RPG that celebrates Disney and Pixar, all the while ensuring themes of friendship, heroism, and pure-hearted goodness shine bright."

"Kingdom Hearts 3 is an example of what can go wrong when a series that once stood in contrast to its peers as a lighthearted alternative loses its way."

Game Informer - 9.5/10

"While not perfect, Kingdom Hearts III is the game I've been waiting for. After finishing it, I was delighted by how satisfied I was with the journey."

"It's been 13 years since the last big release for Kingdom Hearts, and now I'm not sure how I lived without its Mickey Mouse-shaped madness in my life."

As said, Kingdom Hearts III has only released in Japan today. But if recent comments from the series' creator, Tetsuya Nomura, are anything to go by, we may see future simultaneous worldwide releases, thanks to a major leak.

"Because of what happened, the risks for a simultaneous worldwide release are high, for any games that I work on henceforth," he said. "Currently I cannot help but reconsider a simultaneous worldwide release for at the very least the retail package version."

For those unaware, title screens, images of early installations, and much more were uploaded to social media late last year. Physical copies of the game were also being sold on Facebook Marketplace.

What do you think about these reviews? Are you looking forward to playing KHIII? Make sure you let us know.

Kingdom Hearts III launched today in Japan, but it will release worldwide (so, like, here in the UK) on 29 January, 2019 for Xbox One and PS4.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix

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