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​Rockstar Games Publishes Job Listings For "Next-Generation" Projects

​Rockstar Games Publishes Job Listings For "Next-Generation" Projects

Now that 2018's out the way, bringing with it the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, it seems like Rockstar Games is shifting its focus to future projects. And yes, that means next-generation titles.

While work hasn't finished on the studio's most-recent blockbuster - in fact, it's only just begun, with Red Dead Online only launching in beta in November - it's safe to assume Rockstar won't begin development on another current-gen release, thanks to the company's recent job listings.


This news doesn't mean that there isn't a current-gen title already in the pipeline - the rumoured Bully 2 game would go down a treat this year, or next. But with the impending release of Xbox Twos and PS5s (or whatever they're called), and the early stage at which Rockstar's unannounced projects are at, there's still a slim chance that Xbox One and PS4 will be your go-to consoles by the time Rockstar's next titles see the light of day.

Otherwise: R.I.P.

So, the jobs. Spotted by Gear Nuke, Rockstar India listed numerous technical artist positions, such as a senior environment artist, who'll develop "next-generation worlds for some exciting upcoming projects".

The studio also requires a new vehicle artist, to work on "Cars, Trucks & Vans, Motorbikes, Helicopters, Planes, Military, and Boats." Grand Theft Auto VI much? We think it might be.


Roles for a Technical Face Developer at Rockstar New York and Senior Technical Artist at Rockstar Toronto have popped up, too. Their descriptions touch on Animation and Face Motion Capture tasks, with the chosen employee expected to "help research and develop new technology for future titles".

Both roles are said to focus around the "creation of new approaches to animation retargeting, facial animation tracking/rigging, secondary motion simulation and character deformation," as well as the "development of new approaches and workflows to facial tracking, facial animation, facial recognition, improving tools/pipelines."

The New York-based studio also requires a MoCap tools developer to develop "the next generation of MoCap tools and pipeline".

Given the time Rockstar spends on creating games, is next-gen being the company's next step really a surprise? Red Dead 2 was in the works for eight years, with its predecessor releasing in 2010.

But it's crazy to think that there hasn't been a Grand Theft Auto title developed and launched with current-gen consoles in mind, or at least as a stepping stone. Remember, GTA V first came to Xbox 360 and PS3 devices in 2013, before porting to Xbox One and PS4 a year later, and PC in 2015.

Many assumed Rockstar would follow a similar model with GTA VI, though that idea is becoming more and more unlikely. I guess in the meantime all we have to look forward to is a PC version of Red Dead 2.

What do you think about this news? Would you like another Rockstar title for Xbox One and PS4? Is it time for next-gen? What should be the studio's next project? Let us know.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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