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Streamer Banned For Accidentally Shooting A Can Of G-Fuel With A Glock

Streamer Banned For Accidentally Shooting A Can Of G-Fuel With A Glock

In what can only be described as yet another in a long line of accidental adverts for tighter gun control laws in America, a Call Of Duty streamer has found himself in a world of bother after inadvertently firing off a live weapon during a stream. Luckily nobody was hurt, but a bottle of G-Fuel took a hit it may never recover from.

Professional Call Of Duty player and (now former) SoaR Gaming member Carl Reimer was entertaining fans during a stream when the incident went down. Reimer was joking and chatting with the live chat when he picked up the pistol that he keeps on his desk... because that's a thing in America I guess.

"B**** say I ain't got money," he joked, pulling back the slide. "Say I ain't got money!" he said again, and repeated the same action with his weapon, clearly assuming he'd unloaded the gun. Unfortunately for Reimer, the gun was not unloaded. I mean, you knew where this going. The streamer pulls the trigger, and is shocked when it goes off and destroys an expensive monitor, the bottle of G-Fuel, and possibly his entire career.

Take a look at Reimer below as he brutally guns down the G-Fuel and presumably any chances of a future sponsorship with the energy drink company.


The consequences of the streamer's actions were swift and fierce. Twitch suspended Riemer almost immediately, and it's unclear if the streaming giant will ever let him back in. The official SoaR Gaming account also tweeted out a statement regarding the incident, confirming that they'd pulled him from the roster due to his actions.

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SoaR's decision received mixed responses on Twitter, with some arguing that the punishment is justified, while others claim that because Riemer was drunk while handling a loaded gun, he shouldn't be treated so harshly. No, seriously.


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To be fair to Riemer, he's personally acknowledged the stupidity of his actions in a YouTube video. Apologising for the stream, he explained that he'd probably "ruined the rest of his life," that guns aren't toys, and that he was incredibly lucky nobody got seriously hurt. He also said he believes that SoaR were right to drop him, and that he doesn't know if he'll ever go back to Twitch.

For now, it seems Riemer will continue to stream on YouTube while we all wait to see if SoaR, Twitch, and G-Fuel can forgive and forget.

Featured Image Credit: Twitch/Carl Reimer

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