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​The Game That Inspired Bioshock And Deus Ex Is Getting An Enhanced Edition

​The Game That Inspired Bioshock And Deus Ex Is Getting An Enhanced Edition

Over the weekend Nightdive Studios announced it is working on an enhanced edition of System Shock 2. The announcement game just in time for the classic horror RPG's 20th anniversary.

Released back in 1999, System Shock 2 had you board a starship overrun with a genetic infection, and try to take back control of the ship. While played in first-person and involving shooting, the game incorporated RPG systems, letting you develop a character who was a soldier, or a hacker, or a psychic.

System Shock 2 was a hugely influential game. Developed at Looking Glass Studios, System Shock 2's lead designer was Ken Levine, who went on to create Bioshock. It's also been the model for other first-person RPGs - such as Deus Ex, Cyberpunk 2077, and The Elder Scrolls.


Nightdive Studios is already working on a remake of the original System Shock and a sequel to System Shock 2, but the enhanced edition to System Shock 2 is welcome news. The System Shock: Enhanced Edition released in 2015 supported higher resolutions, adapted the game into a new engine, supported newer graphics cards, added support for mods, and fixed loads of bugs. It also included extras like the old manual, maps of the space station, the old official hints book, a strategy guide, and the original sound track.

Nightdive hasn't revealed any more details for its System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition beyond the tweet saying that it is in the works. So we're still waiting for news on exactly what it will include, when it's due for release, and what state it's currently in.

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System Shock 2 was an incredibly important game for the game industry so it's excellent to see it being given some love. It's not a full remake or remaster, but even simply a new version of the game that makes it more easily playable is a welcome release.



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