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​The New ‘Fortnite’ Season Sees Spies Going To War

​The New ‘Fortnite’ Season Sees Spies Going To War

It's been a long wait for the second season of Fortnite Chapter 2, the longest in the game's history. Between the Christmas break and numerous technical updates - including an overhaul of the game's physics engine - Epic has delayed the release of Season Two a number of times. However, at long last, Epic has released the season and revealed exactly what it's about: Spy Wars.

Top Secret sees every player picking between two factions - Ghost and Shadow - and going to war with their enemy. Epic's released a clutch of new characters, such as the bomb-riding TNTina; Midas, the man with the golden touch, and the all-important cat-human hybrid called Meowscles.

Depending on which side you pick then you'll gain access to two different branches of unlocks. You'll still get all the characters but each faction has a different variant of the character. Your choice is permanent, so know that who you pick will lock you out of some cosmetics.


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Epic has redesigned sections of the island. Keeping to the Top Secret vibe, this includes a volcano base, a massive yacht, and agency headquarters for the factions. These headquarters aren't just a location, if you break in, fight your way past the henchman, and kill the leader housed in the building you'll get unique weapons, too.

New items include decoy grenades, proximity mines, sentry guns, and security cameras. Which gives the whole thing something of a N64 GoldenEye/Perfect Dark vibe. Something I can very much get behind.

The new season is set to wrap up on April 30, giving players ten weeks before the map gets altered again and a new battle pass releases. No doubt, players who have found the extra long first season become a little grindy and stale will be happy to know the season change over should come more quickly this time. Unless Epic needs to delay it again.

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