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That PlayStation 5 UI Reveal Is Still Trending On YouTube

That PlayStation 5 UI Reveal Is Still Trending On YouTube

We're so close now to the release of next-gen consoles that we can almost taste them. More and more details about how the hardware is going to perform, what we can expect from next-gen gaming, and what cool features are coming to the PlayStation 5 and/or the Xbox Series X is getting everyone pretty excited - and there are numbers to prove it.

Not only is PlayStation 5 pretty difficult to pre-order right now, as everyone seems to want it, but just the video of the UI breakdown is still trending on YouTube.

The eleven-minute video that explains how the PlayStation 5's UI will look and the feature it will bring is incredibly popular and hasn't stopped trending on Google's video-sharing website since October 15.

Suspiciously the UI video dropped almost simultaneously to when the first Xbox Series X previews started to appear on the internet, confirming that Sony and Microsoft are battling it out behind the scenes with revealing details to players.

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If you own a PlayStation 4 then you may be surprised that PS5 will have a slightly sleeker UI that opts for a darker colour palette rather than the blue and white you're used to. New features included in the UI include the Activities feature which can be viewed via the Control Center - which will give players more gameplay opportunities to go back and forth to replay or finish other levels.

In a very helpful step for PS5 owners, there will also be some inbuilt guides into the game to help you if you ever really get stuck. Game Help means less scrolling on your phone looking for the answer to the puzzle you've been stuck on for two hours or so, and more time enjoying the experience. You can read more about the UI features that the PlayStation 5 will provide here while we wait for the console release on November 19th.

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