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​The Sims Is Turning Into Star Wars With The Newest Stuff Pack

​The Sims Is Turning Into Star Wars With The Newest Stuff Pack

The latest Stuff Pack for The Sims 4 looks almost like a total conversion, turning it into a Star Wars movie set. The Journey To Batuu pack gives you tonnes of Star Wars items to decorate your homes with, transforming a suburban residence into a cantina straight out of the new trilogy.

You can see it all in action in the trailer:

As The Sims moved away from its initial sandbox design, where you'd set up a home and let your sims simply interact with one another, guiding their activities, to the modern version which lets you direct your characters more directly - treating them more like stars in your own personal soap opera - the Stuff Packs have given you more than simply decorations for your game's environments. Now they are the props for your film sets. In the Journey to Batuu pack that transition is even more clear cut - now we're seeing actual movie sets for your sims to play out their stories on.

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We can see in the trailer that your characters can gamble in cantina games, fight with lightsabers, and have droids join them as companions. If you're wanting to play out a story in The Sims with a sci-fi bent, then this is the perfect content to get set up with.

No doubt EA will be sharing exactly what's in the new Stuff Pack and what you can do with it soon, but until then we can just watch and rewatch the trailer picking out all the lovely details. After all, we only have to wait until 8 September to play the Stuff Pack for ourselves.

The question is, will you be setting your sims up in the dark side or the light?

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