BBC Newsreader Mocks Creator Of Socially Distanced Trick Or Treat Device
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This Batman-Themed PlayStation 5 Is The Perfect Next-Gen Console

This Batman-Themed PlayStation 5 Is The Perfect Next-Gen Console

We love a good custom console here at GAMINGbible. We also love Batman, like virtually everybody else on the planet. Imagine just how excited we were, then, to see a gorgeous new PlayStation 5 concept that pays tribute to the Dark Knight himself. There might not be any news of a next-gen Batman game - yet - but this is still one gorgeous piece of kit.

This particular console mockup is from the fantastically talented XboxPope, whose previous work includes a stunning PS5 inspired by Horizon Forbidden West. As you can see below, the Batman console boasts a fairly subtle design. The caped crusader's face adorns the console and DualSense controller. I'm particularly fond of the sleek black and blue colour scheme. It's not how I would immediately have imagined a Batman console, but it's all the better for that.

This console might just be a mockup, but it's definitely looking like Batman will play a prominent role on the next-generation console. Warner Bros. is planning to announce a handful of new DC games during its Fandome event on August 22nd, including the long-rumoured Batman game from Arkham Origins studio WB. Montreal.

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Arkham Asylum developer Rocksteady also confirmed last week that it's working on a Suicide Squad game, which will almost certainly feature Batman in some capacity. We'll be learning a little bit more about that later this month. Finally, there are rumours that NetherRealm will announce a third instalment of the popular Injustice fighting series. It even sounds as if Injustice 3 will pit Batman and Superman against characters from the Watchmen universe, but this is currently unconfirmed.

All told, Batman has a pretty exciting future on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Let's just hope that Sony and Warner Bros. have the good sense to hire XboxPope and have them work on an official Dark Knight console. I'd buy it in a heartbeat, and I'm confident I'm not the only one who would.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros/Sony

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