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'Tormented Souls' Is A Gory, Silent Hill-Style Survival Horror Coming Soon

'Tormented Souls' Is A Gory, Silent Hill-Style Survival Horror Coming Soon

Tormented Souls might just be the game fans of classic survival horror have been clamouring for since the PlayStation 2 days. Abstract Digital and Dual Effect's gory, frightening new project has been heavily inspired by the greats. The upcoming horror looks like it'll be taking everything we love about iconic franchises like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone In The Dark, and twisting it into something new... yet eerily familiar.

Take a look at the game's reveal trailer yourself below for a taste of the action. Tormented Souls promises a "modern take on the fixed-perspective adventure", delivering new scares with the kind of cramped, claustrophobic camera angles that the likes of Resident Evil abandoned long ago.

The story itself sounds like it's straight out of Silent Hill, too. Tormented Souls follows the exploits of Caroline Walker who's investigating the disappearance of twin girls. Her search ultimately leads her to Winterlake, where she discovers a mansion that's seemingly been turned into a hospital. Big yikes, right?


Eventually Caroline finds herself waking up one night in a bathtub hooked up to old medical equipment, and she has to set about with limited resources while working out what happened to her, where the twins are, and what on Earth is actually going on in Winterlake. Something spooky, probably.

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As you'd expect from a survival horror inspired by the classics, Caroline is stalked by unrelenting monsters and fiendish puzzles. It also looks like there's some kind of alternate reality which Caroline can access via certain mirrors, which is sure to add some interesting wrinkles to the gameplay.

"Tormented Souls is a modern take on the fixed-perspective adventure," reads the game's Steam page. "Offering a modernized control scheme and a more dynamic camera, while retaining everything that made those games so beloved by fans.

Tormented Souls / Credit: PQube Games
Tormented Souls / Credit: PQube Games

"You'll need much more than a steady aim and sharp reflexes to make it out alive. Search the environment for anything you can use to your advantage. Cleverly combine items to solve puzzles and use every resource available to explore the secrets of the Mansion and its grounds. The mansion may seem abandoned, but as Caroline investigates its secrets, dark forces and unspeakable horrors will do everything in their power to stop her getting to the truth. Be sure to be alert at all times, and use anything you can find to fight off the encroaching terrors of Winterlake."

Tormented Souls is confirmed for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch at some point in 2021. No concrete release date, or next-gen version, has been announced yet.

Featured Image Credit: PQube Games

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