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Twitch Streamer Gets Attacked By Magpie In The Middle Of A Stream

Twitch Streamer Gets Attacked By Magpie In The Middle Of A Stream

I've often heard from friends who live out there that Australia really is full of animals that will instantly kill you dead. Box jellyfish. Redback spiders. Saltwater crocodiles. Terrifying creatures, all. But I never quite imagined that the good people of Australia would ever be under threat from the terror of a single rogue Magpie.

Yet that's exactly what happened to Australian-based streamer Lynchy recently. As reported by Kotaku, the 28-year-old gamer was in the middle of a particularly intense match of Valorant when a Magpie bombed in through an open door looking for a fight. Despite attempting to carry on the match as if a bird hadn't just invaded his home, Lynchy was ultimately head-shotted by the winged beast.

See for yourself below.


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How exactly did this strange - yet undeniably hilarious - event come to pass? According to the streamer, it's all thanks to a combination of events involving his partner, bird feed, and a new dog. What a rich tapestry.


"I got this brand new puppy, 2 months old, only picked him up 3 days ago," Lynchy later explained of his open door. "So while I'm gaming, I need to leave that door open that's next to me so he can go to the toilet and stuff, and do his doggy business.

"And because my partner has been feeding the magpies the last few days, so they're starting to hang around the back fence and stuff. So that's how they got in the side. Was not expecting that."

The good news is that Lynchy managed to survive being one-tapped by the bird, and his team went on to win the game. Oh, and the magpie was released outside in one piece, where I imagine it's flown straight back home to cross Lynchy's name off a list containing popular Australian streamers. Loserfruit should probably keep an eye out for vengeful magpies, that's all I'm saying.

Featured Image Credit: Lynchy/Twitch

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