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Google Earth: Conspiracy Theorists Excited About Weird X Over Antarctica

Edward Watkinson

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Google Earth: Conspiracy Theorists Excited About Weird X Over Antarctica

We all take Google Earth for granted now. With just a couple of clicks we can zoom around the world to any location and see in amazing detail objects and places like never before. However back in 2001 when Google Earth first launched, this was a huge step forward in technology and people couldn't believe their eyes. This was the first time the internet had seen this kind of technology, and let's be honest, the first thing everyone did was to find their own house and check out how it looks from space. Why? Because it was bloody awesome.

With the launch of Google Earth, it allowed people to explore almost every part of the earth without having to leave their seat. Who needs to spend thousands of pounds travelling to see the seven wonders of the world when you could just find it up on Google Earth?


The technology behind Google Earth isn't overly complicated to be honest. Their program splices together pictures from satellite images, aerial photography, and GIS data to create a 3D map of the world. Simple right.

But, as time wore on and Google Earth became far more awesome, adding in Google Maps and Street View, different angles, traffic and even up-to-date weather, people have been spotting things on the planet that maybe were supposed to stay hidden.

YouTube channel Conspiracy Depot has released a video that purportedly shows a strange, large, red triangle with the letter X covering part of Antarctica. The clip is dated from two days ago and it only reveals itself when the weather feature is turned on.


It's not clear whether the triangle is supposed to be covering up a portion of the frozen continent or if the tip is pointing to one specific area. When the conspiracy theorist zooms in, there's nothing there, leading to only more questions.

The people behind the video ask: "Is somebody at GOOGLE trying to tell us something?"

People have flocked to the video to upload their thoughts on the matter, with one user writing: "Something weird is going on all over the globe, this just adds to the unanswered questions."


Another suggested it could be 'Elvis' secret hideout' while a third made an interesting assumption: "It's probably White Walkers."

That's the only theory I'm willing to accept, however one party pooper has written what would be the most likely scenario: "I'm guessing it's a marker for an issue in the software that needs addressing and has gone out to the live environment. Like a comment in code saying, 'Fix this bit'. Completely plausible and logical."

It's certainly not the first strange thing to appear near the icy landscape in recent weeks.


Alien hunting YouTube channel Secureteam10, discovered a 'craft' near Mount Paget on the South Georgia Island using Google Earth.

In the video, they focus in on something in the snowy expanses of the island, which is one of the closest land masses to Antarctica, well beyond Argentina. They zoom into an object that has a trail behind it, which is 1,000 metres long and leads to a nearby mountain.

They go on to claim that the object crashed into the mountain and then came to a slow halt in the snow.

It does look a fair bit like it just collapsed in a glacial shift and slid down the hill for a while before coming to a stop, but I'm not an online alien expert or a scientist, so nobody cares what I think.

Featured Image Credit: Conspiracy Depot/YouTube

Topics: Viral, Phones and Gadgets, World News, Google Earth, Google Maps, Technology, Weird

Edward Watkinson
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