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​Astronauts Hear Creepy Sounds On The Far Side Of The Moon

Mike Wood

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​Astronauts Hear Creepy Sounds On The Far Side Of The Moon

Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd might just be one of the most celebrated albums of all time, you've probably seen people wearing the t-shirts from HMV, but have any of us ever considered what the far side of the moon actually sounds like?

We're told that there is nothing but silence in the vacuum of space but according to audio released by NASA, there is at least some sound there.

They recorded a strange whistling sound from the far side of the moon back in May 1969, at a point at which it was physically impossible for any sounds from Earth to have reached the spacecraft itself. Check it out for yourself.


The craft in question was the Apollo 10, which was sent to orbit the Moon and was intended as the dress rehearsal for the actual Moon Landings, which occurred two months later.

"You hear that? That whistling sound? Whooooooo..." said Lunar Module Pilot Eugene Cernan, one of the astronauts on the Apollo mission, to his fellow space travellers, Commander Thomas Stafford and Command Module Pilot John Young.

"Sounds like -- you know, outer-space-type music," replies Stafford.

The Apollo 10 crew did not immediately report the noises that they heard to the NASA bosses when they came back into radio contact.

This has led to a plethora of conspiracy theories about what it was that they heard, and why they didn't decide to report it to their superiors. Some say that the noise was simply radio interference, caused by the Apollo shuttle's two radios.

Credit: NASA
Credit: NASA

Michael Collins, who travelled to the moon on the Apollo 11 mission and famously did not set foot on the surface, had been told of the space sounds by his fellow astronauts who had warned the crew of Apollo 11 that they might hear weird noises.

"There is a strange noise in my headset now, an eerie woo-woo sound. Had I not been warned about the sounds, they would have scared the hell out of me. Fortunately, the radio technicians (rather than the UFO fans) had a ready explanation for it - it was interference between the LM's and Command Module's VHF radios." wrote Collins in his autobiography.

NASA felt compelled to comment on the matter, with Eugene Cernan himself releasing a statement that read: "I don't remember that incident exciting me enough to take it seriously. It was probably just radio interference.

"Had we thought it was something other than that we would have briefed everyone after the flight. We never gave it another thought."

Featured Image Credit: NASA

Topics: Science, Nasa, space

Mike Wood
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