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Tesla Debuts New Feature That Tells You If Your Pet Is Okay

Tesla Debuts New Feature That Tells You If Your Pet Is Okay

This will hopefully stop people smashing in windows to rescue dogs in hot cars.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

We've seen it countless times where a person will nip into the store and leave their baby or pet inside on a hot day. It can prompt outrage, a police call or even a smashed window to make sure the living being inside doesn't die.

Well, if you own a Tesla then this will be a thing of the past after the car company included a special little feature across its range.

When users select 'dog mode' for the car, it will set a temperature on the inside of the car as well as put up a message saying 'my owner will be back soon'.

Elon Musk's company provided a guide on how to set the feature up for any Tesla owners.

"To enable Dog Mode," the instructions read, "tap the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen when your car is parked.

"Set Keep Climate On to DOG, make adjustments within temperature limits, then leave knowing your pet will stay comfortable. Dog Mode will stay on after you leave your car.

"If you your battery reaches less than 20 percent charge, you will receive a notification on your mobile app."

The idea for the new feature didn't come from within Tesla, but from someone on Twitter.

A person sent a message to Elon Musk, saying: "Can you put a dog mode on the Tesla Model 3. Where the music plays and the ac is on, with a display on screen saying "I'm fine my owner will be right back?"

Elon replied with a simple 'yes'.

The temperature displayed on the dash will hopefully discourage people from smashing in the windows, fearing it's boiling on the inside. Kind of like the scenes seen in August last year when an angry showdown erupted on the streets of Farnham.

A man was filmed becoming irate with the strangers that freed his French Bulldog from a hot car.


People nearby grew concerned and started passing water through the window, which and been left slightly ajar.

Eventually a park ranger called the police, having being unsuccessful in tracking down the owner.

After around 40 minutes or so the dog's condition had worsened so much that it had begun to vomit in the car - with thermometers in other vehicles nearby showing that the temperature was above 35C.

The dog was eventually handed back to the owner following advice from the police, who explained the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars.

Featured Image Credit: Tesla

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