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Inventor Flies 'Iron Man' Jet Suit Over London And It's Available To Buy

Inventor Flies 'Iron Man' Jet Suit Over London And It's Available To Buy

If you've ever wanted to fly like Robert Downey Jr in 'Iron Man', you can now buy a jet suit for £340,000

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

We've all dreamed of being a superhero. Most of us, however, would rather do without without all of the rubbish bits - we want the cool suits, the gadgets and the powers, but not the angst, the pressure or the inevitable bruising that comes from being thrown through skyscrapers on the reg.

Still, not everyone is dissuaded so easily and one man, flush with cash, has gone out of his way to create his own superhero suit - and now you can buy one yourself.

Richard Browning was a financial commodities trader in a previous life, before he took the plunge and started Gravity Industries, the proud creators of a flying jet suit that has similar properties to that worn by Robert Downey Junior in the Iron Man movies.

Richard has been demonstrating the suit to the public of late, most recently hovering outside Selfridges in central London to the bemusement and amaze of passers-by.

The suit allows a wearer to hover a few metres off the ground - well, it actually has the potential to go as high as 3.6 kilometres and to travel at over 50km per hour.


"This consumes about four liters a minute in the hover (position) so you can fly for three or four minutes quite easily and we have got another version - certainly on a cold day when you get more thrust, it'll fly for about nine minutes," Browning told Reuters.

"That's something we're looking to improve but it's the inevitable consequence of flying without wings.

"If you watch this as an audience member you probably get exposed to more warmth than I do as the pilot.

"It's actually surprisingly calm and not very violent. It's very passive and gentle when you're flying it."

Tony Stark aka Iron Man gets to grips with the suit in the movie.
Marvel Studios

Of course, tech like this doesn't come cheap. The model that Browning was demonstrating will set you back £340,000 if you want to buy one.

It features five miniature jet engines that are situated on the wearer's back and arms, as well as a whole load of electronics and a job lot of jet fuel or diesel.

If you have £340,000 lying around and want to float about like Iron Man - and frankly, who doesn't? - then this might be the choice for you.

You still might want to avoid getting knocked through skyscrapers, mind. Hey, we're not trying to puncture your superhero dreams, we're just looking out for you.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios / PA

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