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Here Are The Funniest Instagram Profiles That You Should Be Following

Here Are The Funniest Instagram Profiles That You Should Be Following

Since launching to the public six years ago, Instagram has filtered the lens of reality, been part-responsible in the evolution of the selfie and allowed you and I to follow our favourite celebs and sporting icons.

However, what's better than following 'The Rock' on Insta is following the fucking hilarious people either making a living out of it or just making LOLs for your entertainment. Here are the Instagram profiles I reckon you should be following.


@russelltovey - followers: 306k

Followed mainly for his dog, who is said to join him on set sometimes!

His dog, Rocky, controversial at times, is the only dog I know that has a political view - and he's protesting dirty as Trump and Clinton go head-to-head.

Rocky is a fucking legend!

Rock Recline in front of a superb #jonathangardner @caseykaplangallery
A photo posted by Russelltovey (@russelltovey) on

@girlwithnojob - followers: 2.3m

When filling out one of those really important forms you sometimes have to fill out, Claudia Oshry just puts, 'Instagrammer'. After accumulating 2.3m followers, we can't argue with that. Oshry makes a living doing what many of us would consider as the 'dream job' - not working...

FALL IS UPON US (@browneyes.thickthighs)
A photo posted by Claudia Oshry (@girlwithnojob) on

@textsfromyourex - followers 2m

Anyone who has ever had to confront or receive the end of a relationship will definitely relate to these posts.

This is what exes are for
A photo posted by Unspirational (@textsfromyourex) on

@Peejet - followers: 230k

This guy is an artist, with his Instagram account as his canvas and well-known celebs his subject matter. Peejet's success came from photoshopping his way into selfies of the rich and famous!

A photo posted by Peeje (@peejet) on

@miserable_men - followers: 274k

Capturing men midway through their living nightmare - shopping with the other half.

Got to stick together in these times.

@digbyvanwinkle - followers: 285k

Says it all, really.

Getting dressed on a Monday morning got me like :cry:
A photo posted by Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle (@digbyvanwinkle) on

@kidsaretheworst - followers: 272k

This account shows parenthood at its worst, reminding me that kids are not cute, funny and kind. They are little shits who want to ruin everything. Anna MacFarlane believes it's okay to laugh at kids because you were the worst once, too. By tagging #kidsaretheworst, you agree.


Obviously these are just a handful of funny Instagram accounts out there. #happybirthdayinstagram

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