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Drake Just Broke The Twitch Streaming Record Playing 'Fortnite' With Ninja

Drake Just Broke The Twitch Streaming Record Playing 'Fortnite' With Ninja

So, it's finally confirmed. The Fortnite hype is real. Last night the game drew in some of the world's biggest stars for a game that ended up breaking records on the game streaming platform Twitch.


Popular game streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins last night invited Canadian rapper and full time '6 God' Drake onto his stream to play Duos on the massively popular Epic Games title.

Ninja had been teasing the appearance for a while, even playing some of Drizzy's tracks while streaming, but when it actually happened, it went massive.

After Drake shared the link to the stream on his official Twitter account they managed to rack up 600,000 concurrent viewers - a Twitch record.


Almost, anyway. The actual record for number of streams is held by ELeague Major: Boston 2018 with 1.1 million viewers. Drake and Ninja managed to get the most viewers at one time though, which is not bad going.

For those who are interested, Drake was playing on his PS4 and Ninja was on his favoured PC.

Later in the stream Ninja was also joined by another rapper, Travis 'Mr Kylie Jenner' Scott, and NFL wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, as Drake settled up some important questions.

It turns out that he games a lot - apparently he and his crew have been playing Fortnite for about a month during their downtime in the studio, singlehandedly ripping down every illusion we might have had about what the stars of hip-hop get up to.

He also settled up the important debate about pineapple on pizza once and for all.

Well, not exactly, but he did mention that he is fine with it.

When he was heard snacking on the stream he said: "Man, honestly, I'm usually eating healthy but I had pizza tonight because it's so late.

"I feel like chicken and pineapple pizza could work, but I don't eat meat anymore. But I enjoy pineapple on pizza though."

Eating healthy? Vegetarianism? Late nights? The rap game has changed since I was a kid.

Now, bear with me - I'm no Fortnite expert - but according to more reasoned observers he's not bad at the game. He's also a team player, sharing his weapons with Ninja at one point.

At one point he did get killed by the elements on the game on their own, but we'll let him off.

Strangely, this is not the first video game/hip-hop crossover to happen recently. Earlier this year Snoop Dogg went live playing 'comedy survival game' SOS.

Ain't nothing but a GG thang, baby.

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