Pubs And Venues May Turn Away Those Without Covid Vaccine Proof, Minister Says
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There's A Wondrous Place In The Bahamas Called 'Pig Beach'

There's A Wondrous Place In The Bahamas Called 'Pig Beach'

Hey gang! How about an idyllic beach in the Bahamas that's full of swimming pigs?!

That's right, it's called Pig Beach, and yes, it exists. The beach is home to around 20 pigs. The beach is on an incredibly secluded island that's officially named Big Major Cay. The beach is everything great and good in the world.

The origin of the feral pigs is the stuff of legend. Some say they were left on the island by sailors who got lost at sea before they could return to eat them. Others say the pigs survived a shipwreck and swam to the shores of Big Major Cay, where they have remained since.

Either way, these pigs look like they're having the best time! I Love them!


Rather than rolling in the mud, the pigs roll around in the sand before taking a dip in the water to cool off.

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They're doted on by locals and tourists alike.

Check it out.


They're literally happier than a pig in shit.

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