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WATCH: Angry Swordfish Almost Impales Lucky Diver

WATCH: Angry Swordfish Almost Impales Lucky Diver

Don't you just hate it when you're messing about on the ocean floor off the coast of Brazil and then a fucking swordfish channels its inner Randy Orton and spears you in the back outta nowhere!?

Luckily for one scuba diver, this swordfish missed its mark and only speared through his diving equipment, narrowly missing his body.

Incredibly, the footage shows a man walking along the ocean floor when, suddenly, a five-foot swordfish comes darting out of the darkness and impales itself on the oxygen equipment.

This is crazy...


As you can see, the diver is completely unaware of the bugger coming towards him until he's been attacked, staring shocked and frightened at his friend filming the ordeal.

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It is still unknown as to whether the diver actually suffered any injuries. As for the swordfish, who knows. Perhaps he ended up as dinner? That's what the little sod deserved, to be fair.

The footage, posted on a Luis Nascimento's Facebook page, has been viewed more than a million times and shared over five thousand times since it was posted last week. The time stamp on the video shows it was shot back in April.


The video also shows the name of diving support vessel Wyatt Candies, an American Ship apparently currently located in Brazilian waters. It is apparently owned by a company that does research for oil and energy companies.

All we know is, that guy was lucky he wasn't impaled by that angry swordfish.

Words by George Pavlou

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