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Kanye West Wears Oversized Everything In New Music Video

Kanye West Wears Oversized Everything In New Music Video

We might be dreaming, but is Kanye West continuing his unexpected spell of self-awareness? Let's break this down shall we?

First up, last week the rapper took to Twitter to post pictures of himself wearing gigantic sandals after he received flak for wearing a pair of Yeezy slides that were way too small.


He even went with the trolls who were criticising him by throwing out a couple of edited pictures of him wearing the comedically gigantic shoes.

Fast forward to today and the video for Kanye West and Lil Pump's new song 'I Love It' is out and it features the pair wearing giant rectangular bodysuits, with Kanye donning (you guessed it) that massive pair of slides.

Hold the phone, ladies and gentleman: it would appear Kanye's learned how to take a joke.

And he's actually pretty damn funny about it. The song and video both premiered at last night's Pornhub Awards in LA - a fitting venue when you hear the lyrics.


Whether you love it or hate it, the internet has got some major opinions about the video and Kanye's inclusion of those goddamn slides.

As mentioned, the 41-year-old rapper was initially trolled to the moon and back for rocking the 'too small' slides while attending his mate 2 Chainz' wedding with Kim K.

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At first he tried to defend himself by claiming he was wearing them the 'Japanese way'. Which we can't help but wonder if Kanye thinks the "Japanese way" means wearing padded sandals that are way to small for you (those slides were not Japanese, dude).

Fans were not convinced, with one stating: "He's really trying to justify him wearing slides too small for his feet. Interesting that it took him, like, two weeks to find this."

A couple of days later and Kanye pulled his most shocking move yet by rolling with the punches and posting the totally meme-able shots of him in a pair of oversized sandals. And now the 'I Love It' video's out, that meme power just got cranked up to 11.

We applaud you, Kanye - you saw trouble was afoot and you overthrew those trolls so they were dead on their feet.

He might produce the musical equivalent of Marmite but when it comes to his recent stunt, we kinda love it.

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