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Listen To This Singer Who Can Sing In Both Male And Female Voices

Listen To This Singer Who Can Sing In Both Male And Female Voices

There are a few singing talents that hail from the Philippines - whether we're talking Nicole Scherzinger, whose father is from the Philippines, Bruno Mars, who is of Filipino and Puerto Rican descent or rapper Danny Brown, whose dad is half-Filipino.

However, there's another that you may not have heard of - though after this, you'll sure remember him.


Marcelito Pomoy has a unique calling card that is quite unlike anything I, you, or anyone else as heard: he can sing in both a male and a female voice.

No, really. Check out this video of him singing the Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie track 'Endless Love'.

Naturally, with such a talent like this, he has carved out quite the career in his native lands by singing duets... with himself.

Marcelito competed in the second series of Pilipinas Got Talent. the Philippines equivalent of Britain's Got Talent, winning and propelling himself to stardom.


You might not care about Pilipinas Got Talent but in a country of more than 100 million people, it's a huge deal.

Critics have struggled to deal with Pomoy, and are quite unsure of how to review him, with music critic Rito P. Asilo writing for "Marcelito Pomoy's debut album is as novel as his unique singing talent."

That's a bit like when your mum tells you that your latest art project for school isn't bad, just 'different' or 'unusual'.

In Duet Yourself, Pilipinas Got Talent's season two champ demonstrates the ability that swept the reality show's judges and viewers off their feet. And, sure enough, for the most part, Marcelito impresses.

Asilo continued: "Like his live performances, Pomoy's album shows off how he renders popular tunes using two distinct vocal placements and ranges - with his thick-bodied baritone and a curlicue-loving soprano alternating from one stanza to another.

"Pomoy's 'female' voice has a more pleasant (albeit occasionally shrill) quality than its plain-sounding 'male' counterpart.

"And, while the former reeks of confidence and technique, the latter sometimes sounds tentative and shaky."

Marcelito is having the last laugh on the critics, though. He is now a regular on ASAP, one of the biggest TV shows in the Phillippines, and continues to sell records.

All the while, singing as a man and as a woman. It's mad.

I'm with the critics - I just can't decide if it's the best thing I've ever seen or whether you could put just about anyone singing 'Endless Love' and I'd still think it was maudlin rubbish. But credit where credit's due, right?

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