Giovanna Fletcher Crowned Winner Of I'm A Celebrity 2020
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This Rank Video Of Parasites Crawling Out Of A Dead Cricket Is All Nope

This Rank Video Of  Parasites Crawling Out Of A Dead Cricket Is All Nope

If you're the type of person who steps on creepy crawlies then this horrible video might make you think twice.

The lad in the video crushes a cricket by stepping on it. I assume he thought that was the end of that. But what he's actually done is unleash a nightmare into the world.

This is because this particular cricket was full of parasites. The group of lads watch on in horror as the creepy buggers start to wriggle underneath the dead insect and then they burst out - in scenes reminiscent of Alien.


Are all crickets full of these? What the fuck is this?

"That was a zombie cricket dude. That thing was getting controlled by those parasites." One lad says.

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"I did not know it, like, had shit crawling out of it." Says another.


Credit: ViralHog

The worms are thought to be nematomorpha or horsehair worms, which take weeks to develop inside crickets and grasshoppers and then burst free when they're fully grown, the Daily Mail reports. The parasites are thought to brainwash their hosts and can cause their hosts to jump into water and commit suicide. I'm genuinely terrified.


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They end doing pretty much the only thing you can do when faced with something like this...they killed it with fire.

Next time you see a bug out and about just leave it alone. It's for the best.

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