The Actor Who Played Harry Potter's Viktor Krum Has Got Seriously Hench

Most of you will remember the actor who played Viktor Krum in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as being pretty hench, impressing all the Hogwarts students with his stoic presence - and even winning the heart of a certain Miss Hermione Granger in the process.

But while he was in pretty good shape back then, it seems that in the years since he's got even more ripped.

The actor, Stan Yanevski, has been sharing his fitness progress on Instagram, posting photos and videos of his workouts while also spurring others on with inspirational captions.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

In one he wrote: "The #best is yet to come. Working hard towards your goals with passion and consistency will pay off with #greatness in the end. Nobody ever said that it would be easy, but I tell you that it #can be done! #believe in your abilities and you will reach beyond what you think is your #limit!"

God, I feel #pumped already.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Speaking to earlier this year, Yanevski explained that, while he and his on-screen alter-ego weren't completely the same (it's called acting, remember), they did share some similarities - namely through their shared love of being active.

The Bulgarian actor, who also featured in Hostel: Part II, said: "Krum is a great character. He is a sports person, so am I. He is competitive and gives his best just like I try to in everything. So in terms of sports we are quite the same.

"He surprises everybody by inviting Hermione to the ball, which is exactly something that I would do. Not to mention that Hermione was stunning...what guy wouldn't try and go to the ball with such girl, right?

"However he didn't speak much and was said to be a more physical kind of being. I'm quite the opposite; I like to be amongst fans and people. I love hearing all the different stories everybody has to tell and just see how colorful the world around us really is."

Fair dos, to be honest - Krum seemed alright and all, but perhaps a bit boring.

Asked what he would do if tasked with creating his very own Triwizard Tournament, Yanevski said that he'd probably involve something to do with motorcycling - another of his passions.

"Maybe the challenge would be: The first one who places their flag on the tips of all world's wonders (of course going through different magical obstacles would win the task). I'd definitely get the crowds involved to make it more interesting for the viewers and the champions themselves."

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros/Instagram

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