Man Reveals Girlfriend Banned Him From Watching Game of Thrones Because She's Jealous

There are many people in this world right now who are (putting it lightly) obsessed with Game of Thrones. If you are one of those people, you might want to read on - there's a fellow Thronee that needs your support.

This bloke has taken to Reddit to request advice from others after his girlfriend banned him from watching the hit series because she gets 'jealous' of the topless women.

The guy posted his story on Reddit. Credit: Reddit
The guy posted his story on Reddit. Credit: Reddit

This poor fella explained to fellow users that his beloved girlfriend had asked him to stop watching the programme, and claimed that she had stopped speaking to him after an argument ensued.

The guy was asking whether he was being unreasonable as he wrote: "So I watch Game of Thrones. My gf was watching it for the first time last night. I woke up to her ranting about the series saying, 'There's nothing but tits in the series.'

"She then started shitting on me and saying that's the only reason I watch it. I told her I do not get turned on by that, and then I said, 'You're getting jealous of me watching a TV series.' She said, 'No, I'm jealous of the tits.'

"Also, she has made me watch Magic Mike with her before, so I thought she was pushing some double standard. She won't talk to me now. Am I in the wrong here?"

He later corrected the ending to his post with a vital message, writing: "EDIT: i don't want spoilers."

Topless women? In Game of Thrones? Perish the thought. Credit: HBO
Topless women? In Game of Thrones? Perish the thought. Credit: HBO

As you'd imagine, the advice came flooding in. One Redditer said: "That's a new level of jealousy. I'm in awe yet saddened by your situation. You're definitely not in the wrong."

Another added: "I will never understand this kind of petty jealousy in relationships, especially if the relationship is otherwise healthy and secure.

"I think part of it is that I'm just not a jealous person so I don't get it. But me and my fiancé watch GoT together and actively discuss who's hottest. I wouldn't have it any other way."

Clearly this person doesn't know the difference between advice and plain bragging.

Some of the other responses. Credit: Reddit
Some of the other responses. Credit: Reddit

A third shared their own experience, writing: "My ex used to pester me to find out what celebrities I thought were attractive, but considering the first time I said one she then refused to watch anything with them in and hated it when I did, I stopped.

"Eventually she convinced me she'd mellowed on it, and I settled for saying which of two I prefer if she gave me options, same thing happened with them."

Another explained: "She needs to grow up. Do not cave in or alter your behaviour for this. Do not humour this. Or where does it end? No female friends, that's where it ends. If she's jealous, that's her problem.

"TL;DR: no, of course you aren't in the wrong."

Others told him to end things, with one saying: "It only gets worse from here bro, get out while the getting's good."

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