Take Me Out is now in its ninth series. In that time, host Paddy McGuinness has seen more than 350 blokes come down the 'love lift'.

On each show, four guys come down the lift to try and woo 30 girls with their looks, their spiel and either their mates, family or talents. Most are successful.

Some, such as Damian from five years ago, are not. Mind you, after telling the girls he only had his eyes for one of them (who'd already turned off), it was always going to be tricky.

Credit: ITV / Take Me Out

For the blokes who are successful, it's a holiday to Fernandos. For those who aren't, it's a 'blackout' and they go up the stairs to the tune of Celine Dion's 'All By Myself'.

So, of the hundreds of chaps, who is one who sticks in the mind of Paddy?

"I rehearse with the lads in the day," he told LADbible. "So I know what their party piece is going to be in the studio.

"I was talking to them all, running through the rounds, getting all the information, and then I came to the first guy and said, 'Right, all the girls are going to be stood there, what are you going to do to impress them?'

"He said: 'What I'm going to do, is make sausages'.

Credit: ITV / Take Me Out

"And I just remember thinking, 'this is going to bode well'. BUT he got a date, which shows there is something out there for everyone. We had a bloke on, dressed as a butcher, making sausages, on Saturday night telly, AND he got a date!

"So, whenever any of my mates can't get girlfriends, I always remind them - if a man making sausages can get a girlfriend, as a party piece, anyone can. If he can, you can."

Social media, at the time, seemed to take a strong liking to the butcher...

Although, it may not have been that successful.

Paddy hosts the show, which you could say is a modern take on Blind Date.

The rise in the popularity of dating apps on the modern scene means it can be a lot easier to meet a partner. Paddy believes this has killed the chat-up line.

"Back in the day, there used to be loads of chat-up lines, but nobody really bothers with that now," he told us.

"You've got those apps now where you can just have a look at someone semi-nude, go and meet them and have sex; it's taken the fun out of everything.

"So that's why I'm glad we can kind of do the courtship on Take Me Out. You don't know you're born, with your casual sex. We would have dreamed of that when we were younger."

Credit: Twitter

The green-eyed monster is never welcome in any relationship, but Paddy does admit he is envious of the young.

"Who wouldn't be jealous of your age group?" the 43-year-old said. "You've got sat navs, you've got fucking duvets; I'd have dreamed of a duvet when I was a kid; we had a blanket. And we couldn't fucking move in them."

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