Tom Zanetti Made Bookies' Favourite To Win 'Didn't Happen Of The Year' Awards

Occasional musician and Love Island love interest Tom Zanetti has been installed as the bookies' favourite to win at the 'Didn't Happen of the Year Awards 2018'.

If you're sat there thinking, 'What the hell is the Didn't Happen of the Year Awards?' - get yourself on Twitter and get to know.

After all, I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said: "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet, as most of it is complete and utter shite."

This didn't happen. Credit: Twitter
This didn't happen. Credit: Twitter

Nowhere is that truer than on social media, whether it is Instagram models peddling unrealistic standards of beauty, or Yer Da on FaceBook claiming that he convinced three of his staunchly Pro-Leave mates at work to support a #PeoplesVote, people are on the Internet 24/7 talking absolute bollocks.

That is why the DHOTY Awards are so important. They shine a necessary light on such claims and give us all a chuckle in the process.

Have a scroll through and choose your winner...

Tom Zanetti's frontrunning effort has all of the hallmarks of a great entrant. He's angry at a figure of authority, he's challenging a 'jobsworth' - literally, just doing his job - and at the end, there is a classic Alan Partridge style 'needless to say, I had the last laugh' moment.

Back in July, Zanetti tweeted: "Met one of the worst examples of a jobsworth arsehole in London today. Long story short i couldn't find my tickets, panicked as train was gonna leave and he didn't let me on it.

"So within an hour of it leaving the platform I got a helicopter to take me. Fuck you ya lil jellybean."

Tom Zanetti's effort is the one to beat. Credit: Twitter
Tom Zanetti's effort is the one to beat. Credit: Twitter

Aye, right. That's weapons grade 'Didn't Happen' right there.

Worth every bit of the 5/4 odds that BetVictor have placed on him.

If you look through, each one is a classic in its own right. 'Supermarche' at 6/1 is a good shout and a personal favourite.

The whole thing is the brainchild of 23-year-old content creator Harry Barnes, who lives in Coventry.

Credit: Twitter/BetVictor
Credit: Twitter/BetVictor

He spoke to LADbible about his reasons for bringing all of this to light.

Barnes told us: "I feel so much more can be achieved on social media than what it's used for today and wanted to use DHOTYA as a way to push boundaries, create unique content and do something positive.

"I feel most people usually tell these lies to push a political agenda of some kind, whether it's their views on Brexit, other politics, sexism, etc. And using a young child is often a way to deliver that message, almost like 'if my kids can see it then you all should'.

Nope, this didn't happen either. Credit: Twitter
Nope, this didn't happen either. Credit: Twitter

There you have it, not only is it funny, it's for a good cause.

Speaking of which - he's also raising money for homelessness charities, using the fanbase of the DHOTY Awards to raise some much-needed Christmas cash for Shelter.

But, here's the important question - as the creator of the whole show, who is going to win?

Barnes continued: "Zanetti is a clear favourite as BetVictor suggest, but my personal favourite is #WokeCup. But I think 'Sharks' could be an outside chance"

Nah mate, each way on 'Supermarche' for the win.

'Supermarche' has it all. Credit: Twitter
'Supermarche' has it all. Credit: Twitter

Seriously, that's where the smart money is.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@_DHOYTA

Tom Wood

Tom Wood is a freelance journalist and LADbible contributor. He graduated from University of London with a BA in Philosophy before studying for a Masters in Journalism at the University of Salford. He has previously written for the M.E.N Group as well as working for several top professional sports clubs. Contact him on [email protected]

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