The renowned UK dog show, Crufts, showcases feats of military precision while dog owners run around a small pitch shouting at their pets.

But despite an American Cocker Spaniel named Afterglow Miami Ink taking the top prize, a Jack Russell called Olly won the hearts of everyone. Not because he was as talented as the top pedigrees, quite the opposite.

He's good at running through a tunnel, but when it comes to jumping over barriers he can be a bit rough (ruff...) around the edges.

Take a look here:

Credit: Youtube/Crufts

Despite hitting the deck hard, it's impressive and genuinely adorable to see him get up and charge on even though his owner is probably thinking, 'Well, there's months of training down the drain!'.

Olly continues to race around the track but hilariously takes a break when he feels like it and stops to smell the roses.

The Jack Russell finishes the circuit with a dash to the exit while his owner waves to the cheering crowd.

It was the 126th year of the competition - which is the biggest of its kind in the world.

There were entries from 56 countries with more than 22,000 dogs taking part.

The video reminds me of one of arguably the funniest moments I've seen in dog show history.

Crufts and other dog competitions like to highlight obedience as a top quality, so it was very funny when a Golden Retriever tried its paw in the Finnish dog show Koira Mestari.

Golden Retrievers are renowned for being intelligent and easy to train - but not this one.

Credit: YouTube

Two dogs show how it's done as they successfully run the gauntlet past delicious food and dog toys to the end.

But the beautiful Golden Retriever decided that's not how to live life and went to pretty much every distraction. What's life if you can't enjoy yourself with a bit of food?

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Crufts

Stewart Perrie

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