Family Horrified To Discover Snake Eating Their Pet Cat

In Australia, a family were devastated to discover a humongous python had gobbled up their pet cat.

No, the family over in Queensland probably did not expect to come home to discover one of their two feline friends was inside the snake - but surprisingly, they were pretty understanding about the whole thing. They're certainly a lot more chilled about it than most people would be.

Python devours family cat. Credit: Facebook / Brisbane Snake Catchers
Python devours family cat. Credit: Facebook / Brisbane Snake Catchers

A picture of the bulging reptile after it had swallowed the cat was posted on Facebook by the Brisbane Snake Catchers, alongside the caption: "An unfortunate situation for residents in Wishart today when they found a Large Carpet python consuming one of their two cats.

"The residents were sad for obvious reasons but realised it was only natural for the python to do so and agreed they need to keep a better eye on them and even better keep them indoors.

"This is another reason to be mindful of letting cats roam they can be subject to other animals as well. Large outdoor cat aviaries are also another great way to keep your pet safe and from hunting other native wildlife."

It's a different world down under. To keep you posted, apparently the snake was removed and transported to a safe environment, presumably with a markedly low appetite.

While it's suggested that the family are okay, hundreds of commenters have flocked to the post to declare they wouldn't be so cool about it.

One person ruthlessly wrote: "Hmm im not sure i could be so forgiving, i think i would have a new snake skin belt," while another chimed in with, "I'd chop the head of that snake now and then skin it and hang it on the clothes line to dry out. It wouldn't to it again."


Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Aside from the snake-hate, a lot of people warned that cats in the region should be kept safe in enclosures to ensure no slithery reptiles could get their fangs around their furbabies. And spiders, come to think of it. And tiger quoils. And whatever other vicious land creatures roam mainland Australia.

"This is why mine are in a cat enclosure with meshing even under it, no climbers or venomous snakies can get in. I don't want my cats hurting the natives either," wrote one commenter.

Another suggested, "Perfect example of why cats should not be roaming. Buy a large outdoor enclosure, kitty gets outside time, wildlife are protected and snakes can't eat your cat."

Luckily in the UK we don't have to worry about gigantic reptiles gobbling our fluffy friends - the worse we'll get is a badger bite.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay / Facebook / Brisbane Snake Catchers

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